Canals at Bath, United Kingdom

Meeting Royalty (Bath, England, United Kingdom)

“Would you like to hear a joke love?” Diana asked.
“I certainly would!”
I was seven years old and Diana was an ice cream truck driver who decided to give away the store. She offered me a chocolate fudge bomb.

Diana, Princess of Wails
Diana and her "straight man" Sharon. Sometimes you just experience absolute joy when you travel.

“It’s risque, I hope that doesn’t bother you”……

I’m running to the truck now.

“Oh no I’d LOVE to hear it!”

This is a family web site so I’ll just say that the joke involved prostitution and penguins with the added bonus of Diana acting it out. I laughed to the point of nearly unleashing a urinary tsunami.

Diana is in her early seventies and I was listening to her stand up routine with her friends Sharon and Fay. We were waiting in the lounge area of a hilltop castle turned hostel named Fiesole in Bath. Sharon, Fay and Diana were traveling together and were waiting to catch a train later in the day. Lucky me.

In between jokes I learned that Sharon and Diana had traveled to a great many places together. Sharon was the “straight man” of the two. She would say something simple and Diana would then capitalize on it completing the routine and the whole thing was topped with Diana wailing with infectious laughter. Good thing it wasn’t Ebola.

“Faggot is good meat it is” she said and then fakely apologized with a smile. “Oh that’s right that means something else to you yanks doesn’t it? I don’t suppose you’ve ever eaten faggot have you?”. Laughter again wailed forth and ricocheted off the 18th century walls, ceiling,fireplace and finally through the french doors in front.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to meet royalty but sure enough there she was: Diana Princess of Wails.

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